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 EFT and Beyond: Cutting Edge Techniques for Personal Transformation

EFT and Beyond: Cutting Edge Techniques for Personal Transformation


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EFT and Beyond: Cutting Edge Techniques for Personal Transformation

Edited by Pamela Bruner and John Bullough

This is the greatest gold mine of advanced cutting-edge EFT techniques ever assembled in one book. Tapping techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are some of the fastest, most effective techniques available today for optimum physical and emotional health, and success. What if some of the best minds in EFT came together to give you their most innovative ideas? They have, and it's all here in EFT and Beyond Cutting Edge Techniques for Personal Transformation. You may already use EFT to remove fears, anger, anxiety; help with pain management, including migraines and backaches; help alleviate behavioral problems in children; heal trauma, PTSD, and phobias; enable you to be your best in sports, music or other performance; make weight loss easier, and permanent; affect serious illnesses such as allergies, high blood pressure, and diabetes... If you do, you will already know the terrific results that you can achieve with this simple-to-learn, easy-to-do technique. But did you know that there are creative ways to use EFT that give you even FASTER results? Never before have so many experts (22 of the 29 EFT Masters worldwide, and more) come together to create a resource this in-depth and valuable. You get 536 pages full of great ideas to creatively and effectively expand your use of EFT, whether you're a casual user or a dedicated practitioner.

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Nr. pag.: 400
Dimensiuni: 532
Limba: engleza

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